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Present rules are applicable for all IYSF official competitions are the following:

download pdfOnline sporting and technical regulations (version upgrade in progress)

Posture Guidelines 2021-2022 (NEW)

Please note that a translated (non official) version in Spanish is also available: Compendio de Reglas Técnicas y Deportivas (ES) -  Guía de Posturas 2021 (ES)

Tabulation grid

The following file is a non-editable example of the tabulation grid to be used for IYSF competitions starting in 2019, 2020 and 2021

Tabulation 2019 - example

For real competitions, IYSF will deliver a specific grid editable only by the organizer. 2 versions are available (free for all IYSF federations):
An user guide of the new tabulation grid is available here:

 How to fill the new tabulation grid 2019-2020.pdf

Time Judge stopwatch

This optional tool is used to help Time Judges to get precisely the stillness time in each posture, calculate the corresponding score and copy/paste it directly into the tabulation grid

Request it (email)

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