We want to build strong communication within the community of coaches with IYSF qualification – International (A-level), National (B- level) and Local (C-level) with a dedicated training compliant with IYSF rules.


This document gives detailed instructions for teachers to coach athletes to the different yoga asanas approved in IYSF sanctionned competition.

pdf Coaching Manual.pdf

International Coach –  A-Level

  • must participate in the on-line IYSF coaching program and get certified by IYSF only
  • existing World Yoga Champions qualify directly for A-level certification (coaching program for free, pls reach out to IYSF for the further information)
  • everyone else must be trained and certified by IYSF (NF recommendation for A level certification is needed)
  • 50 USD membership for 2 years is included in the price of the training
  • IYSF will promote A level coaches to coach on an international level and recommend them to help NF with running their National B level training certification 
  • each NF must have at least one  A- level coach who serves as the communication channel between national and international coaching compliant with IYSF rules, this coach should be a NF Head Coach
  • becoming an official IYSF ambassadors of yoga sport
  • must be listed on IYSF website 

National coaches – B Level

  • trained and certified by National federation (compliant with IYSF rules)
  • coaching on national level

Local/regional coaches – C level

  • trained and certified by national federation (compliant with IYSF rules)
  • coaching on regional and local level

For all A,B,C coaches

  • coaches cannot be IYSF judges