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The International Yoga Sport Academy is the IYSF global educational structure for judges, coaches and athletes.

We want to build a strong community of judges with IYSF qualification, with a dedicated training.

More on https://www.internationalyogasportacademy.org/judge/

1) Inclusion as a qualified IYSF INTERNATIONAL judge ( A-LEVEL)

The first A-Level judges must participate in the one-week IYSA program in June 2020 and get certified. IYSF will recommend these judges to judge the world championships, continental cups and recommend one A-level judge for each national championship.

The International (A-level) Judge certification is valid for four years. It can be extended at the end of this term for a $100 fee and with the approval from IYSF Technical Committee - usually given automatically if the Judge can prove regular judging activity during the last four years.

National Federation should use their A level judges to run their National competitions more successfully and compliant with IYSF rules, and prepare National Federation B level National certification.

2) Inclusion as a qualified  NATIONAL judge ( B-LEVEL)

  • If the National Federation has already a training structure in place for judges, certification  are given by them directly
  • If not, the certification can be obtained from IYSF though our on-line training program:
    1. Attend an on-line Rules Clinic with IYSF (Fee US $20.) or with their National Federation..
    2. Participate in an online Shadow Judging run of at least 60 athletes in an official recorded IYSF competition. The applicant must obtain an overall score of 80% or above match compared to the scores given by the Official Judges. Fee US $50.
      OR for already experienced judges, provide the evidence of their judging experience over the last 2 years to IYSF technical committee tc@iysf.org
    3. Once both completed, IYSF will inform the National Federation that all prerequisites have been successfully completed, but the final certification will be given only by the Federation

Judges are not allowed to coach or teach the workshops prior to a competition (with the exception of the warm-up class)

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