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The International Yoga Sport Academy is the IYSF global educational structure for judges, coaches and athletes.

We want to build a strong community of coaches with IYSF qualification - International(A-level), National(B- level) and Local (C-level) with a dedicated training.

International Coach -  A-Level

  • must participate in the on-line IYSF coaching program and get certified by IYSF only

  • existing World Yoga Champions and existing coaches, whose athletes placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the International level qualify directly for A level certification (coaching program for free)

  • everyone else must be trained and certified by IYSF (NF recommendation for A level certification is needed)

  • 50 USD membership for 2 years is included in the price of the training

  • IYSF will promote A level coaches to coach on an international level and recommend them to help NF with running their National B level training certification 

  • each NF must have at least one  A- level coach who serves as the communication channel between national and international coaching compliant with IYSF rules, this coach should be a NF Head Coach

  • becoming an official IYSF ambassadors of yoga sport

  • can open IYSF Yoga Sport Academies (affiliated with NF or IYSF)

  • must be listed on IYSF website 

National coaches – B Level

  • trained and certified by National federation (compliant with IYSF rules)

  • coaching on national level

Local/regional coaches – C level

  • trained and certified by National federation (compliant with IYSF rules)

  • coaches attending the Coaches online clinics with IYSF will be recommended to get certified as a C level coach by NF

  • coaching on regional and local level

For all A,B,C coaches

  • coaches can not be IYSF judges

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