Yoga Travel Tips by Cynthia Wehr

Here are my essentials when I travel for yoga asana demonstrations:
Tea – Detox tea, digestion tea is super before, during and after travel. I like to pack my own teabags so I can have a cup whenever, wherever!
Hydration – Drinking water is ESSENTIAL on trips. Sometimes I am not thirsty at all. So conscious gulping is highly recommended to avoid dehydration or sickness.
A few costumes – Make sure you have back up leotards or speedos (for men) AND that fit and make you happy.
Love – For yourself and for all involved. That may get hazy as championship day gets close. We can get lost in the buzz of it all. Take a moment during your travels and days close to championships to contemplate, meditate and remember the joy and love you put into this. Love will serve you, before, on and after your demonstration.