Q&A with Rebecca Rankin: 1st place 2013 PA Yoga Asana Championship

Name: Rebecca Rankin

Nickname: Bex

Age: 32

How long have you been practicing yoga? 10 years

Was this your first time participating in a championship? No, my first time entering was in 2005-2006. Ive been participating just about every year since. My demonstrations have evolved from doing headstand in lotus to now doing  bow-leg peacock.  It’s been a great transformation to watch.

What was a highlight of your performance at the regional championship?   I had a family member who was passing away in the days surrounding the regional. I dedicated my demonstration to her and life.  It made it such an inspiring event for me.  Placing first was all in honor of her.

Describe the atmosphere of demonstrating with a group of other practitioners.   It was an outdoor event and it was thunder storming throughout the event. It made it feel that much more intimate.  We were all in it together.

What is your favourite asana, and why? Hmmm. Tough one.  I love bow-leg peacock since it was a true practice in my patience to be able to master that posture. Especially with the amount of cycling I do, it kept me humble in my journey to discover that posture in my body.

What asana are you working on now? Any tips? Practice with patience knowing your body is willing to change.

Will you be competing next year?  Yes.