Q&A with Jared McCann

What Inspires you About Yoga Competition – Q&A with USA Yoga Champion Jared McCann

Jared McCannHow has yoga made an impact on your life? 

Yoga has given me peace.  Before I began yoga I felt as though I was victim to the whims of life.  Through dedication to my yoga practice I have learned to take control of my life, of my thoughts, of my actions, and feelings.  I have gone deep inside myself to realize that I am the creator of this life, not the victim of it.  I have become empowered to create the life that I have always dreamed of, and have also learned to take full responsibility for the moments that seem to go off course. Because of yoga I have exactly the life I want.  And have learned to appreciate the life I have.

What do you consider beautiful about the yoga practice? 

A yoga posture is a piece of art.  It is a way of expression, like a painting, or a song.  Within it, there is emotion, struggle, freedom, creative sensibility, and soul….just to name a few.  And any good artist knows that real art cannot just be pretty.  How boring!  Its like dating a gorgeous person who isn’t very bright.  Sometimes you see a perfect posture on stage but it doesn’t move you or grab you.  Sometimes you see a not so perfect posture on stage and it brings tears to your eyes. There are people who are flexible or strong, or who can balance forever in a handstand but their postures are still not beautiful.  Because the real beauty comes when a person brings his or her spirit into a posture.  To fill your posture with feeling, emotion, love, fear, vulnerability, and everything in between.  That is when yoga really becomes beautiful.  It is the same with teaching yoga or anything you do.  A person can be an amazing technician but the best teachers have their own personal style and can connect to others by being connected to themselves.