Q&A with Eugene Sabala: 3rd Place 2013 Texas Yoga Asana Championsip

   Name: Eugene

   Age: 38

How long have you been practicing yoga?     I’ve been practicing yoga for 8 years.

IMG_0449 Eugene Sabala2v1


   Was this your first time participating in a championship? 

    I entered my first regional championship in 2007. A committed practice of yoga changes you in ways that go beyond the purely physical: my flexibility and balance have obviously greatly improved, but so have my confidence, concentration and fluidity of movement.

What was a highlight of your performance at the regional championship?

       My personal highlight was to be able to demonstrate some advanced postures which I only recently started working on and show that I thrive on continuously challenging myself and pushing my practice to a new level without ever getting complacent about my past achievements.      

Describe the atmosphere of demonstrating with a group of other practitioners.

It is always an honor to share my practice among others who understand the effort involved and appreciate the skills needed. The collective energy of such a likeminded group of people is incredibly powerful and can really be felt on the day.

What is your favorite asana, and why?

       My favorite asana of the moment is full wheel; it’s a very intense asana which is challenging me in new and exciting ways.

What asana are you working on now? Any tips?

       I’m currently working, in particular, on refining my two additional postures. I believe that finding the right balance between pushing myself but also knowing when to rest and let the body absorb the progress is extremely important.

           Favorite quote/mantra:   “Having means nothing if you don’t know how to use it”

Will you be competing next year? Yes