Q & A: Lori Battist (PA Regional 3rd Place Women’s Division Winner, USA)

Lori Battist (PA) placed 3rd in the Women’s Adult Division at the 2013-2014 PA/NJ Regional Yoga Asana Championship. Read this Q&A to learn a little more about her, and her motivations for participating in competition. Congratulations Lori!

Rabbit Pose, Lori Battist

Name:Lori Battist
Age: 36
How long have you been practicing yoga? A little over two years
Was this your first time participating in a championship? Yes
If yes, why did you enter? I entered the championship to share my practice with the public in the hopes to inspire others to practice. I also entered to challenge myself in my own practice. I’m inspired on so many levels by my coach, Zeb Homison, and have been training with him for over a year. I would’ve competed last September but was at (yoga) teacher training in LA.
What was a highlight of your performance at the regional championship? Obviously placing third was a big highlight. However, my husband had just had his thyroid removed earlier in the week due to cancer, and he was able to sit on the wet ground,front and center, during a thunderstorm to cheer me on. He wouldn’t have missed it for anything.
Describe the atmosphere of demonstrating with a group of other practitioners. We have a wonderful, family-like community at BYPGH. We are supportive and genuinely encouraging toward each other while we train daily. We get silly and dance around the studio, share smoothies and juices, and take breaks in the sunshine!
What is your favourite asana, and why? Goodbye pose is my fave lately, probably because its a newer posture in my bag of tricks.
What asana are you working on now? Any tips? I’m still working on everything in my routine. I play around training with the ever elusive handstand as well. I practice daily and train 5 days a week when my schedule allows. My advice: Have fun with training. When it becomes a chore or cumbersome, back off a bit, or switch up your regimen.
Will you be competing next year? YES!