PRESS RELEASE: 2013 International Yoga Asana Champions Announced


IYSF Hosts the International Yoga Asana Championship in Los Angeles

– Jared McCann (USA) and ChauKei Stephanie Ngai (China) are named the 2013 International Yoga Asana Champions –

LOS ANGELES – In a stunning display of skill, discipline, stillness, and strength, the 2013 International Yoga Asana Championship was hosted by the International Yoga Sports Federation (IYSF) this past weekend at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel LAX. The event brought together 100 yoga competitors from 26 countries to demonstrate the sport of yoga asana.

This year marked the 10th, and largest, international championship which attracted competitors from Australia, Brazil, Chile, Canada, India, Mexico, Russia, UK, and USA. Jared McCann (US) and ChauKei Stephanie Ngai (China), were proclaimed this year’s International Yoga Asana Champions (Adult Division), scoring 59.5 and 61.1 respectively. Ali Godoy (US; score – 49.7) and Arup Bhowmick (India; score – 50.1) are the Youth Division Champions. An international panel judged on criteria including technical execution, the level of difficulty, poise and composure, and the grace of movement into, and out of, postures.

Earlier this week, the 2013 US – and now, International – Yoga Asana Champion Jared McCann said, “Participation in the competition, for me, means that in those 3 minutes onstage, I am fully connected to myself, my spirit, and the members of the audience watching my demonstration. Everything else fades away and I become an instrument for something I love and believe in… yoga. ”

Rajashree Choudhury, one of today’s most renowned yoga experts and IYSF President, explained, “The spirit of yoga is rooted deeply in camaraderie and fellowship, which is why it’s so beneficial in today’s world,” explained “We are thrilled to host the IYSF International Yoga Asana Championship in hope that it inspires more people to experience the positive changes that come from the self-acceptance and deep reflection inherent to the practice of yoga.” 

On Saturday, 80 Adult Division competitors demonstrated in the Semi Finals; the top 10 scoring Male and Female competitors participated in Sunday’s Finals, after the Youth competition which included over 20 demonstrations. The reigning International Champions (Adult), Juan Manuel Martin-Busutil (Spain) and Gloria Suen (Singapore) concluded the weekend with individual outgoing demonstrations.


Yoga Sports are athletic competitions demonstrated by the beauty of demanding yoga postures and through the dedication, endurance and unyielding determination of the competitors.  IYSF is working with national member federations across the globe to promote Yoga Sports for the betterment of people’s health. More information and 2013 Results:

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